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Q Digital Studio is a 100% woman-owned business founded in 2005 by Susan Snipes and headquartered in Denver, Colorado USA.

Q Digital Studio

Hello, I’m Susan Snipes.

I founded Q Digital Studio in 2005. At the time, I didn’t think about being a “female entreprenuer” or the significance of being a rare “woman in technology”. I just wanted to make my own way and do it on my own. More than 10 years later, I’m leading a successful technology business in Denver, Colorado.

How It All Began

In 1995, I took my one and only web design class – a half semester of HTML paired with a half semester of Photoshop at the Cleveland Institute of Art. My very first website was a choose-your-own-adventure style story with hand-done Photoshop graphics and a simple plotline full of hyperlinked text. 

While finishing my B.A. in Art History and Architecture, I picked up freelance work and built a small digital portfolio. I landed my first post-college job at a multimedia company in Cleveland, Ohio. 

A funded start-up lured me to New Orleans for a couple years of web design. After the dot-com bubble burst and the start-up fizzled in 2000, I began picking up freelance gigs. I won the first project I pitched as a solo web designer – for an art gallery in New Orleans that thrives to this day. 

I re-routed to Colorado and built up my development skills at a tech company in Denver. Meanwhile, I kept my creative side satisfied with independent web design projects under the dba Q Digital Studio.

In 2005, I decided I would dedicate an entire year to being an independent web designer so I could evaluate if I wanted to to it “for real”. I registered Q Digital Studio as a Colorado Limited Liability Corporation and did the official work to move from a sole-proprietor to a single-owner LLC. After a year, there was no question! Business was thriving and I loved it.

By 2007, my consulting business was overflowing and I took the big step of hiring my first employee. In the following years, I've steadily grown Q Digital Studio – with some ups and downs – to the stable, focused technology business it is today.

Q Digital Studio
80% of new businesses fail in less than five years. Of the 20% that succeed, 85% are run by women.1

Q Digital Studio was founded over ten years ago and is fully boostrapped (self-funded). I plan that we will be here for at least ten years to come. In fact, it’s not my goal to build Q Digital Studio larger in order to sell it. I am here to build a business to succeed. 

Q Digital Studio is growing to a size that will have maximum harmony and positive impact for my employees and our clients. I run a successful company with an awesome team that makes people’s day-to-day work with technology better.

“I feel an honor and responsibility to help other women create their own career path.”

- Susan Snipes, Founder and President, Q Digital Studio

Get in Touch

If you would like to talk about women in technology or women entrepreneurship, I'd love to connect with you.

Send me an email at susan@qdigitalstudio.com or give me a call at 720-224-9715.

I share links and opinions about #womenintech and #womeinbusiness via twitter.

Q Digital Studio

Susan M. Snipes
Founder & President
Q Digital Studio