Q Digital Studio provides smart web design, development and marketing services. We are experts in ExpressionEngine and Statamic Content Management System development. 

Do you run your business just like everybody else?

We don't either.

We listen. We focus on the big-picture. We’re flexible. We’re passionate about solving the right problems. We make technology smart, simple and understandable.

We build high-performing websites, optimize performance and deliver digital marketing results.

Q Digital Studio

Web Design & Development

We want to build with you.

The web is constantly evolving, and staying on the cutting edge is important. We'll develop your vision into a site that works for you. We'll be here to help you, but we want to hand over the reigns. Because it's your site.

Our toolkit includes:

HTML5/CSS 3 • jQuery/AJAX • Responsive Web Design • Accessibility • Ecommerce • Custom add-ons for ExpressionEngine


We’ve been building ExpressionEngine sites since 2007. We've tried a lot of Content Management Systems, and found ExpressionEngine is the right fit for design freedom, ease-of-use and powerful features. Ultimately, we choose ExpressionEngine because it lets us say yes to our client partners. When we’re asked, “can you build some-awesome-thing for our website?” we answer “Yes” without hesitation. Our expert-level ExpressionEngine services include site migrations, programming, performance optimization, custom add-ons, ecommerce hosting and maintenance.

Are you looking for an experienced ExpressionEngine partner you can count on? Learn more about our ExpressionEngine development.


We’re not a one-size-fits-all kind of company. We look for solutions that fit you. When small and simple is the perfect size, we choose Statamic. Statamic is a Content Management System (CMS) that is so easy to use, it practically trains you itself. Statamic runs without a database, that means your site is extra fast and super sturdy. Need your website to do something a little more unique? We can extend the core system to provide just what you need.

Thinking about Statamic? Read more about Statamic.

Q Digital Studio

Digital Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Would you like your website to bring you more visibility, increased brand awareness, more engagement and ultimately more sales? Let’s create an inbound marketing plan that delivers more visitors to your site. We can do this with search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and other tools.

Q Digital Studio

Performance & Optimization

Peak Performance

How is your website performing? Most organizations don't know how to answer this. Broken links, poor accessibility, large page size, poor coding practices all affect your website performance. Would you like a regular report specific to your website that tells you how your website is doing? Or, how about a scorecard with a list of improvements that can be made. Our performance system scores sites on several key measures include site speed, quality (broken links), and best practices (accessibility, user experience). Even better, let us take care of this for you.

Web Stewardship (Web Maintenance)

Do you get excited thinking about the word “maintenance”? We don’t either. But we do get excited about taking care of websites. And that’s why we call this very important website upkeep “website stewardship”. Websites needs regular care. Some website developers only want to design, build and leave the day-to-day caretaking to someone else. Not us. Our client partners count on us to make sure their website has the latest security updates and is in tip-top shape.

Does website stewardship sound like something your site needs?

Q Digital Studio

Who we work with


Great partners succeed together.
You’ve done the strategy, research and come up with the right solution to your client’s problems. And now you need your website built by a web development professional. And really, you don’t just want some tech-head to build it. You’re looking for a small, flexible team that “gets” you and wants to share their knowledge with you. In the end, you need your client’s website to be easy to use, long-lasting and something you’re proud of too.

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“Susan and her team are some of the most professional, organized, and creative people I have ever worked with. She and her team know all of the ins and outs, trends, technology, and have the acumen to reach any goal a website calls for.”

- Jed Rosenberg