Susan Snipes shares expert advice on long-term client relationships

Susan Snipes, founder of Q Digital Studio, is the guest star on the latest podcast from CTRL+CLICK CAST.

CTRL+CLICK CAST is an award-winning podcast featuring diverse voices from the web industry’s leaders and innovators. Episodes tackle everything from design, code, and content management systems, to cultural and business challenges.

Susan and the podcast’s two hosts, Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis, discuss “Developing Long-Term Client Relationships”.

Here is an excerpt from the show:

Lea Alcantara: So, I’m curious about the specific strategy for taking a good project relationship to a long-term client relationship, because long-term is exactly that: it takes time. So how does a relationship with a client evolve for you, Susan?

Susan Snipes: I think there are two things that happen to us or with us for prospective clients now.  One is, surprisingly, a lot more clients come to us saying that they’re looking for a long-term partner.

Lea Alcantara + Emily Lewis:  [Agree]

Susan Snipes: So that’s easy. So that’s awesome. For the ones that don’t necessarily know if they are [looking for a long-term partner] or not and specifically have a project where they’re looking for someone that can do a good job and build a site for them, we would evaluate whether or not we think it’s a project—and in that case, sometimes projects are a great fit for where we are and what our availability is.

Emily Lewis: [Agrees]

Susan Snipes: Or, if we think they might be good for a long-term partnership—at that point, I kind of feel them out. I’ve had a lot of practice working with clients and I don’t want to scare them off and say, “Well, we only work with clients that are going to commit to working with us for a year.”

Emily Lewis: [Agrees]

Susan Snipes: I would rather do something like a small project where we can evaluate if we would like to work together.

Lea Alcantara: Right.

Emily Lewis: [Agrees]

Susan Snipes: And I typically would say the same thing to them, like, “We would like to work with you long term; how about if we try a smaller project together?”

To continue reading the transcript, or to listen to the podcast, visit CTRL+CLICK CAST’s website: https://ctrlclickcast.com/. This episode aired on Thursday, March 16, 2017, at 11:00 am MST.

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