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Jessica Lucnik / Posted 6.20.2017

How to optimize your B2B content for Google

It's important for your content to reach your target audience, here are some easy tips on how to optimize your B2B content which will help drive your content to the top of the Google search results page.

Jessica Lucnik / Posted 5.30.2017

Have you met the new power team: SEO and Content Marketing?

Many people are under the impression that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Content Marketing are two separate components of marketing. They may be distinct, but one rarely succeeds without the other.

Grant Rowley / Posted 5.11.2017

Responsive ≠ mobile optimization

Having a responsive website is an absolute must nowadays. Over 50% of website users start their search from a mobile device (phone or tablet) and websites need to be prepared to handle these devices with a great user experience. What does having a mobile optimized website mean and what does it entail?