ExpressionEngine 2 will be retired on April 30th.
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Is your website running on an old version of ExpressionEngine? Q Digital Studio can help. We provide expert-level EE services including site upgrades and tune-ups. Based in Denver, Colorado, we never outsource or subcontract any ExpressionEngine development.

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Top ExpressionEngine Upgrade Questions

What happens if I don't upgrade by April 30th?

Your ExpressionEngine 2 website will still work just fine on May 1st. ExpressionEngine 2 being in retirement means that no more features will be added, no more bugs will be fixed, and the codebase will remain as-is on April 30th forever. If you are planning to keep your site active for a while or you know for sure you want to upgrade, now is a great time! ExpressionEngine license upgrades are 50% off until April 30th. Plus many ExpressionEngine add-ons are also 50% off.

How much will an ExpressionEngine upgrade cost?

You'll have two types of costs. License cost of ExprssionEngine, and the cost of add-ons if your site uses them. Plus the time for a development team to prep, run, test and release the upgraded website. We have a formula we use to determine an ExpressionEngine upgrade cost, so we can give you an accurate price once we know the ExpressionEngine version you have and the add-ons you're using. (All of this is found in your ExpressionEngine control panel.) Get in touch to find out how much your site upgrade will cost.

Can my really old site be upgraded to EE 3—even if it's running on EE 1?

Yes! We have upgraded several EE 2.x sites and even an EE 1.x site to the latest version of EE 3.

Does my site really need to be upgraded?

Your site may not need to be upgraded. Just because ExpressionEngine 1 was retired a while ago, and ExpressionEngine 2 is about to enter retirement, doesn't make upgrading your site an emergency. If you're planning to the keep your ExpressionEngine site for a while, you'll probably want to upgrade. However, there are many factors involved: cost of upgrade, services and features on your site, planned longevity and site changes, server technology and more. We can help you determine if an upgrade is the right choice for your site. Get in touch.

Do I need to hire a professional, or can I do the site upgrade myself?

If you and your site meet two criteria, you might be a good candidate to upgrade your own website. First, you must be comfortable with web servers, SFTP, changing file permissions and being very meticulous. Second, your site should be a very simple ExprssionEngine installation, preferably with no third-party add-ons (e.g. popular additions to your site like WYGWAM, Freeform, Matrix, Playa, Publisher, CE Image, CE Cache, etc). The more add-ons run on your site, the more potential for challenges during your upgrade. All of the challenges of the upgrade are something experienced developers have likely solved, or know how to solve. So, if you're not sure, a developer is the best way to make sure your site upgrade is done well, and won't stress you out.

I don't have any of my license information. Do I have to buy my licenses all over again?

Most likely not. It's simpler if you have your license information right on hand. But, if you don't, we can work with you to track it down. EllisLab, the makers of ExpressionEngine, are very helpful and will help you sort out and upgrade your license.

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Why choose us to upgrade your ExpressionEngine site?

Here are a few big reasons to hire us for your ExpressionEngine upgrade.

We know ExpressionEngine inside and out—since EE 1.x.

We have been working with ExpressionEngine since 2007. We've upgraded ExpressionEngine thousands of times. We know the system inside and out and can find our way around your EE site, even if you are running a really old version.

We have top ExpressionEngine credentials.

You and your site will be in good hands with us. Our company founder, Susan Snipes, spoke at the ExpressionEngine conference last year. We own and maintain a popular ExpressionEngine add-on called Bloqs. We host the Denver EE Meetup. More than half of our team are forum moderators on the official ExpressionEngine forums. We're happily engaged with the community and look forward to bringing that knowledge to your website. 

We are official ExpressionEngine Pro Network Members.

Q Digital Studio is an official member of the ExpressionEngine Pro Network. We've met or exceeded all the requirements to be in the top tier of web firms specializing in ExpressionEngine services.

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