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Courtney George

Courtney George

Client Relationship Manager

Courtney George is the Client Relationship Manager for Q Digital Studio. Over the last 18 years, Courtney has held positions with design studios, advertising agencies, and an in-house design team at an architecture firm, as well as having run an independent design business. Courtney has worked with many local businesses and organizations, including five years volunteering with the Denver chapter of Green Drinks—an international, self-organized, sustainability-oriented networking group.

During her years immersed in the creative industry, Courtney expanded her appreciation for sustainability, community involvement, collaborative environments, and relationship building. This shifted her focus from the design side to the client side and she embraces client relationship building as a vital aspect of any successful business.

Courtney is a Colorado native and (of course) loves the outdoors. Cycling is her outdoor activity of choice. When she’s not logging miles around the city, she enjoys baking, checking out new Denver restaurants, reading, tweeting, or immersing herself in politics. She also may or may not be the singular cat person at Q Digital Studio.