About Q Digital Studio

We are a team of thoughtful, collaborative web professionals. We've been creating smart, simple, and flexible websites since 2005. And we still love every minute of it. Let’s do great work together.


Q Digital Studio

Susan Snipes

President and Founder

Susan Snipes is founder and president of Q Digital Studio. As a community-minded web entrepreneur, developer, and ExpressionEngine expert, Susan has spent her career building an innovative and creative web company. With Susan’s leadership, Q Digital Studio has created a strong, inclusive culture and thrives with long-term client relationships.

As the fearless leader of Q Digital Studio, Susan heads a team of web designers, developers and marketers who are committed to providing client partners with a thoughtful and collaborative approach through the design, build and growth process. In the fast-moving, overly complex technology space, Q's core values bring much needed simplicity, thoughtfulness, flexibility and knowledge-sharing to both employees and client partners. Employees work as a close-knit group and succeed as a team. Clients get the comfort of knowing their site will be a high performing and efficient site that works, so they can get back to doing what they do best.

Early in her career, Susan was an Adjunct Faculty member at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) and member of AIGA Colorado’s Executive Board.  She is currently on the Industry Advisory Council for TEC-P. Susan built and led the first ExpressionEngine camp in Denver, and continues to actively further the growth of ExpressionEngine through knowledge sharing and community building. Her addiction to puzzles and solving problems lends itself well to the daily obsession of search improvements and web performance.

Susan holds a B.A. in Art History and Architecture from Case Western Reserve University, but found her true calling in web design and development. She lives in Denver with her husband, two daughters, and brown dog, where she looks for balance with yoga and a good walk around the block. For Susan, a clear mind is key to better productivity, and flexibility in both work and home life are not just a desire, but a baked-in component of her business.

Follow Susan on Twitter @SusanSnipes.

Q Digital Studio

Mike Wenger

Front-end Developer and Designer

Mike Wenger is a front-end designer and developer at Q Digital Studio. Mike's design roots run deep – he's got a degree in Visual Communications from the University of Dayton, and experience with both print and web design. He's all about pushing the boundaries of thought process and finding new avenues for artistic growth. He loves both the analytic and creative side of front-end design; anytime he can use both is perfect for him.

Mike is a self-proclaimed outdoors fanatic and enjoys basically anything outdoorsy. This includes (but is not limited to) kayaking, cycling, backpacking, hiking, snow sports, and scuba diving. He and his wife, Nicole, recently moved from Ohio, and love the laid-back lifestyle Colorado has to offer. Along with their two dogs, Chloe and Summit, Mike and Nicole are enjoying life and living at a nice pace.

If Mike had to describe himself in 140 characters, he would do so thusly: "One word, passion. I live, work and breathe it. I live every day to the fullest, do for a living what I enjoy most, and love every moment."

Q Digital Studio

Grant Rowley

Front-end Developer and Designer

Grant Rowley is a front-end web designer and developer at Q Digital Studio. Grant is an expert in communication design, focused on websites and web application development. Though he's never officially taken a CSS class, this self-taught self-starter can code his way across multiple platforms.

Grant has a BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Communication Design from Metropolitan State University of Denver. For Grant this was the perfect way for him to combine both his technical and artistic sides. He loves working in the web industry because there's always something new to learn. He especially enjoys the challenge of keeping up with the ever-evolving Internet.

Like any good Colorado Native, Grant enjoys hiking and snowboarding – especially at Breckenridge. Because with 187 trails, you can do a different run all day and never repeat yourself. He also enjoys playing guitar.

When it comes to the client end of things, Grant really loves helping people communicate their brand, voice and goals. He knows how important it is to get all the details down and to collaborate in order to get from point A to point B.

Q Digital Studio

Jessica Lucnik

Digital Marketing Strategist

Jessica Lucnik is the Digital Marketing Strategist for Q Digital Studio, a web design and development studio in Denver, Colorado. She is an innovative, solutions-oriented marketer with a keen eye for detail. Jessica believes digital marketing is part technology, part content strategy, part marketing-art and science.  She leverages years of marketing experience and has worked with a variety of nonprofit and global organizations.

Jessica’s background includes inbound marketing, SEO, PPC, email marketing, web design and maintenance, public and media relations and a healthy set of data and analytics. As a constant seeker of knowledge, Jessica thrives in creative thinking, long-range strategic planning, campaign development, market growth initiatives, team management and design-forward execution.

Jessica was born in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Colorado in 2009. She wakes up everyday feeling grateful to be living in such a beautiful state. When she’s not diving into strategic planning, creative headlines, social media, email campaigns and analytic reports, she enjoys reading, practicing yoga and exploring the great outdoors with her family and their two dogs.


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Q Digital Studio

Courtney George

Client Relationship Manager

Courtney George is the Client Relationship Manager for Q Digital Studio. Over the last 18 years, Courtney has held positions with design studios, advertising agencies, and an in-house design team at an architecture firm, as well as having run an independent design business. Courtney has worked with many local businesses and organizations, including five years volunteering with the Denver chapter of Green Drinks—an international, self-organized, sustainability-oriented networking group.

During her years immersed in the creative industry, Courtney expanded her appreciation for sustainability, community involvement, collaborative environments, and relationship building. This shifted her focus from the design side to the client side and she embraces client relationship building as a vital aspect of any successful business.

Courtney is a Colorado native and (of course) loves the outdoors. Cycling is her outdoor activity of choice. When she’s not logging miles around the city, she enjoys baking, checking out new Denver restaurants, reading, tweeting, or immersing herself in politics. She also may or may not be the singular cat person at Q Digital Studio.

Q Digital Studio

Nick Raleigh

Front-end Developer and Designer

Nick Raleigh is a graphic designer and front-end developer at Q Digital Studio. He is a systems-oriented designer with formal training in architecture from the University of Colorado of Boulder. Originally focused on how buildings come together, he now takes his thinking to the digital realm.

Nick learned the importance of strong visual communication and executing brand rollouts working as a graphic design professional. After that, he opened the door to web design and quickly learned websites were more than digital pieces of paper he could manipulate as he pleased. Nick first picked up HTML to improve his web design chops, but then he began to fall in love with the entire process of creating websites. Web design and development is now his primary passion.

When away from the office, Nick strives to find inspiration that will make great designs in the future. A Colorado native, he enjoys being outdoors—he’s an avid runner, camper, and a seasoned wanderer. He enjoys watching films, playing chess and savoring a quality cup of coffee accompanied by a good book.

Q Digital Studio

Core Values

Our guiding principles

Keep it simple

Because simple works. 

Simple is the core purpose. Simple finds the essence. Simple is easy to understand and easy to use. Complicated systems are forgotten or cast aside.  A simple solution will be embraced – and lived! We strive for simplicity every day. In our daily work, we ask ”How can we make this simpler?” or “What will be simplest for someone to use?”

Be Flexible

Change leads to growth.

Flexibility supports creativity and innovation. We stay open to improving our processes or adapting our approach to match our accumulated knowledge. We are not constrained by thinking “that’s just the way we do things”. In our work this lets us support our client partners’ growth. Internally, we ask “what are our options?” We ask client partners “are you open to doing this another way?”

Be Thoughtful

Conscious communication is real communication.

Communication is received best when it’s thoughtful. We communicate with respect and consideration, from a place of calm.  Thoughtful communication lets us work in harmony. We practice communicating clearly and thoughtfully in email, on the phone and in person.

Share Your Knowledge

Shared knowledge multiplies.

Knowledge is not a tightly guarded secret here. We share our thought processes with our internal team every day. We explain our solutions with our client partners in every interaction. We support our community by publishing tutorials, contributing to forums and mentoring budding designers and developers. We grow our wisdom when we share what we know.

Be A Team

Great work is achieved together.

Great work isn’t done in a silo. Great work is accomplished with a team supporting each others’ hard skills and soft skills. Being a team means finding a better solution together. Our client partners are part of our team too. We provide the best outcomes when we work together.

Q Digital Studio


Q Digital Studio is a 100% woman-owned business, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The studio registered as a Colorado Limited Liability Company in 2005 and has since operated continuously in the state of Colorado.

Why the name Q?

Does the Q stand for quality? We certainly bake that into our websites. Is the Q short for quirky? While we do have a few quirks (don’t we all?), it’s not where our name originated.

Q Digital Studio’s founder Susan Snipes started freelance web design and graphic design projects in college. At the time she had a few nicknames, including “Susie Q”, “Miss Q”, and just “Q”. As she accumulated freelance projects, she worked under the name “Simply Q”. Time passed, that name wasn't enough and Q Digital Studio was born. 

We call ourselves “Q”. If you're looking for a short name, feel free to call us “Q” too.

“Working with the Q Digital Studio team has been an awesome experience. I wholeheartedly recommend them!”

- Nora Swan-Foster, client since 2002