Simplifying a database of thousands of recipes

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The National Honey Board was looking for a way to keep their site fresh for repeat visitors, while migrating a huge recipe database. Q Digital Studio expanded upon a set of new designs for honey.com, making the new responsive website attractive, comprehensive and most importantly – easily editable.

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“Q Digital Studio has been such a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. Susan and her team worked tirelessly on our website and it shows!”

- Catherine Barry, Director of Marketing

Thousands of recipes

Honey.com features thousands of honey recipes, and finding and reading the right one used to be tricky. Q Digital Studio got to work making the recipes fully searchable and easy-to-find for both home chefs and professional chefs. But that's not all – every recipe automatically includes printable versions in multiple formats, in a layout that's more attractive and more useful for users.

Q Digital Studio

Project goals:

  • Keep the site fresh with new content, blog posts, news and recipes
  • A robust design that's clearly organized and loads quickly
  • Easily editable content


  • Consumers, e.g. anyone that enjoys honey, including using it in recipes, learning about how it's made or simply eating it
  • Food service industry, e.g. chefs and educators
  • Honey industry, e.g. beekeepers and researchers
Q Digital Studio

Optimized for speed improvements

As honey.com neared completion and thousands of pages of content were put in place, the site was simply too slow. Q Digital Studio identified 20+ areas to make speed improvements. With those improvements in place, the site speed for the home page was reduced 3-fold.

The previous site ran on two separate databases – one for the site information and one for recipes with little staff access to each. Now, the core site and recipes are in one website that is completely manageable by National Honey Board staff. In the process of the data migration, Q Digital Studio also upgraded the site from ExpressionEngine 1 to 2. The new site is now optimized for performance with a centralized and easy-to-manage Content Management System.

Q Digital Studio