Wanelo: When you want, need and love shopping

Lindsay McComb / Posted 4.17.2013

Wanelo: When you want, need and love shopping

At first glance, Wanelo looks like a never-ending stream of stuff you'd find at Urban Outfitters. At second glance it's more like a Pinterest minus recipes, and with links to buy it all.

Pronounced "wah-nee-loh", and short for "want, need, love," Wanelo is an online community for shopping. Find the stuff you want, need, or love and save it to your collections.


Sign in and you're welcomed by "Today's Trending Products," a four-by-infinity grid of pictures featuring "trendy" stuff, but mainly tanktops and iPhone cases. Click on something you like, or simply scroll off into the ever-loading abyss.

Search for things you're interested in or for stores you like. Save things you like to one of your collections or tag your friends if you want to share something you found (using "@"and the username)

You can follow people, stores, and specific collections.

The Wanelo trending page shows the most popular posts in real time.

Start the dangerous fun

Like Pinterest, Wanelo has a desktop browser bookmarklet. Whenever you see a product you want, need or love click the "+Post to Wanelo" button.  You can can also use the Wanelo Shopping app on your tablet or smartphone.

When you post an item you want/need/love, you can choose which photo to use, which collection to add it to, and what you'd like to say. Comment about it, @mention someone or #hashtag it.

Now add some details like the price (if it's not already listed) and what category it falls under. At present the only categories available are women, men, home, and kids. So techies are out of luck.

Buy and sell

The biggest difference between Pinterest and Wanelo seems to be the emphasis on buying. Pinterest allows users to save all kinds of stuff they like, including things they'd like to buy. Click on the link to the original URL and you can buy that thing you wanted via Pinterest. Wanelo takes it just a wee bit further by presenting each image with the option to save to a collection or to buy each featured item.

Wanelo also allows users to follow stores/sellers they like. Store pages are created when members post products from a new store. Individual sellers on Etsy or eBay would get their own store pages on Wanelo (well, after the moderators approve it).

Choose what collection you want to post to, and what you'd like to say about your find. Hashtag away. You then have the option of putting it in one of four categories: women, men, home and kids.

It's all about the people

If you're a seller, you can claim your store page and customize it. You can interact with shoppers, answer questions, post products or create contests.

Wanelo wants to "help people find the most interesting products in the universe" and "enable sellers big and small to build businesses on top of Wanelo." Are they successful?

The most interesting products in the universe? Um.

Helping sellers build their businesses? Definitely.

Since its 2010 inception, there are now 6 million registered users, 70% of which are active on a monthly basis. Approximately 5 million products are saved 8 million time each day. Over 200,000 stores, ranging from major retailers to small independent shops, have Wanelo profiles. That's nothing to sneeze at.

Wanelo thinks "ecommerce is so '90s." This time around, they say, it's all about people. And tanktops?

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