Social shopping: On the hunt with Svpply

Lindsay McComb / Posted 5.15.2012

Social shopping:
On the hunt with Svpply

Svpply is all about helping users share and discover products. It's a social, online retail "discovery" site,  unofficially representing "over 70,000 stores and brands."

Follow friends and other users. Filter out results. Bookmark cool stuff that you may want to buy. Aspire to awesomeness AND get that rush of real-world consumption -- without spending a cent.

"Consumption is increasingly oriented toward virtual goods -- consuming YouTube videos, tweets and social networks, games and reality TV shows."
- Rick Bookstaber

What makes it cool

First of all, Svpply is well-designed, simple and uncluttered. 'Nuff said.

Second of all, it exposes you to smaller shops, higher-quality merchandise from artisans or from more local manufacturers. It's all about buying smarter and buying cooler.

Best of all, Svpply is designed to be all about the search. It's kind of about "ignor[ing] the act of buying," and instead "get[ing] lost in the visual joy of the hunt."

Why does social shopping make sense?

In a fantastic piece in The Atlantic, Chris Tackett proposes a theory that social shopping is a perfect outlet for our hunting and gathering instincts.

Tackett quotes Rick Bookstaber on the growing role of virtual markets, stating "consumption is increasingly oriented toward virtual goods -- consuming YouTube videos, tweets and social networks, games and reality TV shows."   It's no longer all about conspicuous consumption, but about digital consumption and taste-making.

Just like when you actually buy something, just like when you actually consume something, you can get that rush of endorphins with the click of a mouse. Spot something online that has a nice design, or might be worth buying (for whatever reason), bookmark it and get that instant gratification.

Check out some of the other bookmarking sites
and see how they stack up to Svpply:

  • Pinterest - More DIY projects and recipes, less social shopping.
  • GimmeBar - Bookmark it all - anything from articles to images.
  • The Fancy - If Facebook were only about clicking the "Like" button, and the word "like" was replaced with "Fancy it."
  • - Brands push tailorized fashion suggestions.
  • Sumally - A Japanese version of Svpply?

Sure, if you really want it, you can buy it later.

But if a few days or weeks or months down the road, you revisit the product and decide you don't want it, then no harm done.

Even if you never buy any of the things you bookmark, these kinds of sites are a great way to show off your excellent taste, to find design inspiration and get pleasure from finding new things. Over and over again. Ad infinitum.

A new kind of addiction?

As Tackett aptly points out, "we get used to things." That new car or smartphone is exciting for awhile, but eventually the thrill is gone. With social shopping sites like Svpply, you can log in again and again and always find something new. The pleasure cycle never ends.

Whether it's a panacea for shopaholics or a new addiction, Svpply is just a really cool place for finding and sharing pretty things.

Lindsay McComb

Writer and Content Specialist

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