SEO for EE: It all comes down to flexibility

Lindsay McComb / Posted 11.15.2011

SEO for EE: It all comes down to flexibility

“A lot of companies are selling ‘SEO solutions’ that don’t actually do anything,” said Matt Weinberg, President of Vector Media Group, a NYC web development and marketing agency that specializes in organic SEO. “Everything for SEO should be measurable. Otherwise you don’t know if it’s working.”

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is all about making websites and web pages more visible in search results. This may require changes in HTML, content and site infrastructure. An ethical SEO company like Vector Media Group understands “how real humans interact with a website,” and work on ways to attract users and search engines alike.

And while Weinberg prefers to do an SEO project “all together,” meaning site development, infrastructure and content specialization, about half of Vector’s clients already have a site built and come to them for help optimizing their content.

Interestingly enough, many of these SEO projects actually include information architecture and wireframing – even on sites that are already built. “We don’t want to step on the developers’ toes,” said Weinberg, “but changing the layout and hierarchy of information can drastically change how a website is perceived, both by a search engine and a visitor.”

EE and SEO

An “all together” SEO project for Vector Media Group would include building a website from the ground up and using ExpressionEngine (EE), Vector’s content management system (CMS) of choice.

“Our first loyalty is to our clients,” said Weinberg. “We don’t tell our clients to use ExpressionEngine for the money. But EE helps our clients achieve their goals.”

"ExpressionEngine is really easy for clients to use. Especially because search engines, particularly Google, love fresh content. ExpressionEngine is a system that lets them do whatever they need to do [to create content]."

Lee Goldberg, President of Marketing and Strategy at Vector Media Group wrote a piece on on how developers often overlook the SEO potential of EE, but contended that it’s “ExpressionEngine’s clean, flexible, and extensible codeset that makes the platform so successful from an SEO perspective.“

Goldberg wrote that ExpressionEngine is great for comprehensive SEO projects and provides the infrastructure for customizable URLs and meta data, simple internal linking, and painless integration with Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer.

EE vs. Drupal and WordPress

“With ExpressionEngine,” said Weinberg, “We literally do whatever we want. With Drupal we’re often limited by technicalities. You can’t do this or that based on the restraints of the framework.”

As for WordPress, he said, “it feels like you’re fighting the WordPress template system. You feel like you’re doing it wrong. You worry that if you do too much hacking around, it will break other features.”

“Our first loyalty is to our clients,” said Weinberg. “We don’t tell our clients to use ExpressionEngine for the money. But EE helps our clients achieve their goals.”

Plus, Weinberg pointed out, “ExpressionEngine has a better community.“

When it comes to Drupal and WordPress, there’s a lot of junk out there. “People have become too accustomed to getting free things. There are too many amateur sites and add-ons.” With ExpressionEngine you pay for quality SEO add-ons, though add-ons may not even be necessary since it’s possible to simply regulate custom fields and XML.

For Vector Media Group, it all comes down to flexibility:
ExpressionEngine has the power for SEO.

And of course, measurable results.


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