When tablets and phones collide: What's the

Lindsay McComb / Posted 11.20.2012

When tablets and phones collide: What's the "right" size?

Tablets are shrinking and smart phones are growing. Enter the phablet. It doesn't roll off the tongue so much as jettison from your lips and teeth. A portmanteau of phone and tablet, these devices are a tight fit for a pocket (5-7 inches), but a great mix for people who want the power of a tablet and the ability to occasionally make a phone call.

The question is, do I want to be that kind of person?

I currently have a 3” LG Optimus, a sleek Korean model that allows me to easily make phone calls and read everything from emails, tweets and the news. When I first got it, it felt massive compared to iPhones. Now I feel inferior to everyone with Samsung Galaxies.

Especially because I don't have a stylus.

Size does matter, but not in the way you might think.

While I admit that I do not want to make phone calls on an iPad and hate having to hold one up for Facetime or Skype, there are some definite advantages to a larger screen.

I won't be young forever. My already crappy eyes will probably get worse. Why not give my eyes a break and read things at a slightly more decent (and back-lit) size? I love reading on my Kindle Touch. It's just the right size for all my eBook needs.

Three inches is also a tricky size for typing. I hate typing on my phone. While I'm so thankful for the advent of smartphones with QWERTY keyboards, typing onscreen can be a real pain in the ass. I have fairly small, slender fingers and cannot for the life of me ever seem to hit the “T” key when I actually want to. If not for autocorrect and a brilliant suggested words list and sheer perseverance, much of my digital communiqué would look something like this:

“Whars up.jus hoping on the rtain.”

Admittedly, I'm fairly anal about correct spelling and punctuation; I'm an editor. And a decent-sized keyboard might help keep me from losing my mind trying to respond to a text message.

Cutting down on the number of gadgets.

At first I really enjoyed having a cadre of gadgets, each for a different task: iPod, phone, tablet. For music, communication, and reading, respectively. Now I'm starting to feel like maybe I'd like it all in one place. It'd certainly make my bag a lot lighter.

I'm not totally sold on the phablet yet. I think part of it is that I'm somewhat disenchanted with Android's OS. I'm becoming very partial to Macs. So when the iPhone gets a bit bigger (it's already so close at four inches!) or the iPad gets just a bit smaller, I'll likely be buying an iPhablet.

What do you think? Do you want a phablet that does it all? Or would you rather keep certain parts of your life seperate?

Lindsay McComb

Lindsay McComb

Writer and Content Specialist at Q Digital Studio

Lindsay McComb is a writer and content specialist at Q Digital Studio. She whips content into shape with her insightful (and keyword rich) edits. She's plugged into the Zeitgeisty things happening on the Interwebs and on most forms of social media. She can be found tweeting on the clock at @themetaq and off-hours at @lindsaymccomb.

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