Courtney George / Posted 4.18.2017

Color spaces for print and web

Choosing colors for print and the web require different considerations to be made. One color doesn't necessarily work with both. Here's a quick guide on how to make sure your branding colors are correct for both print and the web.

Jessica Lucnik / Posted 4.3.2017

How to build your blog fire

I didn't use to love reading blogs let alone writing them, but here's what changed my mind and how I actually grew to love blogging.

Jessica Lucnik / Posted 3.14.2017

What is H2H marketing and should you be doing it?

Looking at marketing from more than just a B2B or B2C level not only improves your content strategy but it also shortens your sales cycle. Read more to find out if you should be doing H2H marketing.

Susan Snipes / Posted 3.8.2017

Never Fear: ExpressionEngine is here

Reality has set in. You realize you're actually going to have to update this new site of yours, and you're panicked it’s going technically way over your head and will take up all your time. Let's talk about why managing content in ExpressionEngine really isn’t so scary.

Courtney George / Posted 2.21.2017

Hosting your own website vs. hosting with your web developer

Many people consider hosting their websites themselves to save money. Read more to gain insight into what you think you could reasonably handle on your own, based on the knowledge, time, and financial resources you have available.