5 sites that are doing the Internet right: volume 6

David Precht / Posted 2.28.2013

5 sites that are doing the Internet right: volume 6

In the Internet, there are a great deal of websites that many assume everyone knows about, but they don’t. This month, we’re highlighting those sites we should all know about but might not. Sites like YouTube and Google, you may ask? Shut your mouth, I would respond. 

Oh, and I might add all of the sites all free. Not this article, mind you, just the sites. Please insert $5 to continue…

1. PayDivvy: Split your bills online

We’re all tethered to our smart phones AND we eat food at restaurants with others, but only recently have banks realized this connection. They all thought we cooked our food? You calling me lazy?!

Anyway, Paydivvy is an easy way to manage your expenses and pay bills easily. You can easily send money to your ex after an awkward meal at that Italian restaurant you’ve always wanted to check out or spilt your cable bill four ways. It’s like that Chase service, but it isn’t your bank. Though it should be noted that Paydivvy does not have its own iPhone or Android app, so you’ll have to use their mobile site on your phone like some kind of savage.

Split your bills, split your rent, and pay for stuff for free with PayDivvy.

2. Let Passpack remember your passwords for you

People hack computers all the time and they’re looking for that Word document with all your usernames and passwords in it called "MY USERNAMES & PASSWORDS." God, you’re lame.

Passpack solves that problem by keeping track of all your p's and q’s on a website that is double secure. Plus it’s free. You might want to introduce this one to your parents, because they’re always complaining to me that their email got hacked. Also, tell them to stop calling me.

Tired of trying to remember all 99 of your logins? With Passpack, you only have to remember one.

3. Drop off your files on Dropbox

Dropbox is every freelancer’s best friend. Share documents, photos, videos, etc. to anyone else with a Dropbox account. Free? You bet!

This one not only has an iPhone and Android app, they also have an app for Apple’s App Store, making it incredibly easy to ship files back and forth. Just download that Jjamz song "Heartbeat" you heard and want to send it to Jina? Boom. Dropbox.

Stop lugging those unwieldy USB sticks everywhere and just send stuff to friends via Dropbox.

4. Deals abound on Woot!

Deals and hilarity combine to form Woot!

I’ve had many situations where Woot! supplied me with a cheap mouse or thumbdrive, but more than anything, I’ll always remember the laughter. Like this chestnut for a Pyrex set.

They’ve even broken things up into sections: TechWoot!, HomeWoot!, SportWoot!, KidsWoot!, ShirtWoot!, WineWoot!, SelloutWoot!, DealsWoot! and LocalWoot! So, you know, you can specify what awesome things you’re going to buy. It’s like a SkyMall but useful. So not at all like SkyMall, really.

Woot! is one of the "original" daily deal sites with stuff you'd actually want to buy.

5. Find "colours" with Colourlover

Social media sites connect people with the same interests so its only logical that there be a site like ColourLovers for people who love colors and British spelling.

ColourLovers gives graphic designers and talentless schmucks alike, a place to search for just the right color. With "channels" like business, craft, fashion, print, web and wedding users are able to find exactly what they're looking for, quickly, and get to work.

ColourLovers is the perfect resource for anyone with a love for color or who has a really hard time finding just the right shade of blue.

Stop agonizing over the right shade of puce. Use ColourLovers instead.

To everyone who say the best things in are free, I'd like you to completely forget what you just read and head on over to App.net. Or just keep reading here. Until next time..

David Precht


David Faroz Precht is a writer and business marketing strategist at Q Digital Studio. David writes graphic novels and comic books. He has contributed to SoulPancake.com and The Onion's AV Club. He has a constant desire to rewrite everything he writes and a true love for all kinds of awkwardness. He will commit to any joke, no matter how unfunny.