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Susan Snipes

Susan Snipes

President and Founder

Susan Snipes is founder and president of Q Digital Studio. As a community-minded web entrepreneur, developer, and ExpressionEngine expert, Susan has spent her career building an innovative and creative web company. With Susan’s leadership, Q Digital Studio has created a strong, inclusive culture and thrives with long-term client relationships.

As the fearless leader of Q Digital Studio, Susan heads a team of web designers, developers and marketers who are committed to providing client partners with a thoughtful and collaborative approach through the design, build and growth process. In the fast-moving, overly complex technology space, Q's core values bring much needed simplicity, thoughtfulness, flexibility and knowledge-sharing to both employees and client partners. Employees work as a close-knit group and succeed as a team. Clients get the comfort of knowing their site will be a high performing and efficient site that works, so they can get back to doing what they do best.

Early in her career, Susan was an Adjunct Faculty member at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) and member of AIGA Colorado’s Executive Board.  She is currently on the Industry Advisory Council for TEC-P. Susan built and led the first ExpressionEngine camp in Denver, and continues to actively further the growth of ExpressionEngine through knowledge sharing and community building. Her addiction to puzzles and solving problems lends itself well to the daily obsession of search improvements and web performance.

Susan holds a B.A. in Art History and Architecture from Case Western Reserve University, but found her true calling in web design and development. She lives in Denver with her husband, two daughters, and brown dog, where she looks for balance with yoga and a good walk around the block. For Susan, a clear mind is key to better productivity, and flexibility in both work and home life are not just a desire, but a baked-in component of her business.

Follow Susan on Twitter @SusanSnipes.